Monday, May 14, 2007

Valuable lesson remembered....

Today I was playing golf with Brady and Kenn. We played 18 holes at Rivers Edge. Brady is better than me...way better. And I am better than Kenn....way better. We all know how it works...except for Kenn.

Kenn is clearly the worst player of the threesome, yet he gets so damn mad when he gets beat. Instead of trying to get better--he bitches about being bad.

This same thing can be applied to weight loss---instead of trying to get healthier, too many people complain about being fat or weak or sick. If all of that energy could be channeled into positive direction, the world would be a much healthier place.

Just a thought.

By the way, a note for Jeff and Clint:

I shot 81---you better start practicing before Memorial Day or I will own you!...LOL


Anytime details

All of my virtual clients got this info last week in a private email. But I thought I should post what I do know just for everyone else.

The owner of Anytime has sold the facility. I have chosen not to work for the new person, even though I haven't met them yet--I simply don't have the time any longer.

That being said--I have no idea what is going to happen to the gym. I know a few of you have serious questions and I wish I could answer them. The truth is, I don't think that I have been told the whole story--I just don't know.

I would suggest that any of you with questions contact the owner of the facility before the end of the month. I don't know when the hand off to the new guy is...but I would suspect that it would be this week.

In the grand scheme of things, it's just a 2 hour a day job, so I try not to give it too much of my attention. Those of you that know me well; know that my life is my son, my wife and my family. Work is 80% of my day, but 20% of my life---

Have a great week!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leaving Anytime and more...

So I am officially gone from Anytime Fitness. I just don't have the time to deal with everything there AND work on my own stuff. I am so busy that working for someone else just doesn't fit into my plans right now.

My own facility will be opening this fall--I have cleared most every hurdle to this point. Only a location has yet to be determined. I have 3 potential places and deals in place at each of them...

I will be at Anytime each morning for the time being, getting my workout in--

The future is bright! Which is a good thing.

The future is busy! That's not so good!....LOL

See you soon!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are you ready for this???

So today, I open my email and there is a letter from one of my competitors trying to disguise themselves as a potential client...

Oh man that made me laugh. It's one thing to shop your competition, but to not even have the common sense to change your email address so that they don't know that its coming from another facility--well...that just proves my point about the stupidity of most of the fitness people in this town.

These people are so paranoid that they don't realize that if they would offer their clients actual RESULTS, they wouldn't need to worry about little ol' me....

What infuriates me the most is that these kinds of people don't realize that the more QUALITY people in business, only increases the success of our industry. They should be embracing competition, not worrying about it.

It's laughable.

Ok....enough about that.

See you later, gators

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lots to talk about

First of all, I haven't posted in awhile and I have no excuse...I have just been busy and/or lazy.

One thing that you may have missed is Julie's great mid-point results.

When Julie started working out with me, she was 29% bodyfat---after 7 weeks she had dropped to 24%!!!!

Please tell her how impressed you are when you see her.


Some of you may know this already, but I am in the early stages of opening my own facility. It is not going to be a 'work on your own' type gym like Anytime Fitness or Gold's or National---it will be a little more expensive per month than a regular gym, but it's a totally new concept that Central Oregon has never ever seen. It's my own original idea and I think most of you will really like it.

I am looking for some additional funding right now and anticipate opening sometime this fall---barring something strange. Anyone wishing to see the business plan, please email me and we will discuss. Please note that the law allows me to show the business plan to potential investors, and family members only--so if you just want to peak at the details, let me know and I will send you something else


You may have noticed that I am not at Anytime Fitness as often now...this is two-fold reasoning.

  1. I have been busy outside the gym and with private clients
  2. I have been busy working on my business plan and meeting with bankers, property managers, etc...

I will be in every morning until about noon--unless you want an appointment. Then I will be available as my schedule permits.

Have a great week---I will post more later!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back again

Well things have been pretty hectic since my vacation ended. Lots has happened.

We need to welcome 6 new virtual training clients to the family. When you see people walking around the gym with the tell-tale pages and clipboard--please stop and say "Hi" to them and welcome them to the group.

Julie has been doing great every morning---Here's her questions for weeks 5 and 6

Q: #1. So you had to workout by yourself while Kit was out of town. What was the biggest difference?

A: Without Kit there to encourage me, It was hard to push myself to my maximum potential with Resistance or cardio exercises.
I had a tendency to put my workouts off until evenings and found my energy level was too low to finish strong.

Q: #2.You’ve completed six weeks—what has changed in that time?

A: My knowledge of overall health has increased, and I have a much higher level of dedication. I now view being fit as a life-style instead of a short-term quick-fix.

Q: #3. If having a trainer should be an educational process---what have you learned about exercise, diet or yourself?

Kit is giving me a greater understanding of the physiology behind the exercises. He is teaching me ways to combine these workouts with his ten commandments of nutrition to reach my goals.

Q: #4. What are you looking forward to in the next month?

A: I'm looking forward to making giant strides toward that hot bikini body!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Vacation Post...

Well vacation is almost over. Lots of fun.
The Whale charter was probably the coolest thing I have ever done. The ocean was very rough--we got soaked!--but we saw 6 whales for a total of 9 sightings. We even got a full tail shot right off the bow and a full breach right in front of us as we were back near the stern on the way back to dock.
Of the 6 boats that went out on Monday, we were the only ones to get actual sightings!!

I will tell you all about it as we talk, I am sure.

The downside to the trip is that I have been doing some serious carb-loading. It's a good lesson for this post because most people don't realize how many carbs you eat when you are on vacation. Because of all the carb loading, I have gained about 12 pounds since I left...that sucks, but I know that it's almost all water-retention from the carbs, salt and glycogen stores---once I get home, I will go carb free for a few days and all that water weight will drop away by Monday or Tuesday---

Which brings me to another point.

I know I have preached to you about the ABs Power Diet and how it's truly the right way to eat--but let's pretend that you have just gone on a 10 day carb binge like I have and you really need a guide on how to eat to get the water weight off--

I suggest that you use the rules in the first phase of the Southbeach Diet. It's takes all the guesswork out of it--it gets your carb intake under control, evens out your insulin levels and gets the glycogen stores to loosen up.

I am not a huge fan of South Beach for all the time, but it's a pretty sound way to kick start some serious weight loss (note: I said WEIGHT loss, not FAT loss)

I know I am behind on posting Julies questions--so here are her answers for WEEK 4

Week 4 questions

Q: 1. How about that week 4 grade?

A: I gave it 100% effort. The workouts were tough, but fun! My muscles were sore and my body was exhausted. Close to the end of the week I began noticing a little definition that I didn't have before. I got really excited and couldn't wait for Monday to roll around so I could start chiseling away again!

Q: 2. Anything new that you hadn't done before?

A: Yes. Kit used a new system for the sets, for which I think I was the Guinea pig. He had me lift the heaviest weight possible, for as many reps as I could, until burnout. I felt it was really effective! I think this approach allows each individual to push to the max at their own level. I love it!

Q: 3. How are you feeling after a month?

A: I really feel that I am getting in shape. I notice in daily activities that I am stronger.

Q: 4. Has anyone noticed any changes in you yet?

A: Yes; I have had a couple of comments about my belly shrinking. Also, I personally can see my back muscles beginning to appear, and have noticed some tone in my upper legs.